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Twitter: PD Pal

BLOGI try to be an early adopter of new social media.   I have a vivid memory of reading a NYTimes article about something called “MYSPACE” and then telling my middle school daughter that she should check this new thing out.  A few days later she came back to me and told me that that website scared her.  Nice parenting moment!  My take away lesson from that experience was that I need to personally be aware of what is out there so that I know what to recommend and what to guard against.  But it’s been a challenge trying to keep up.  Some of the social media I’ve tried I have fully embraced (Facebook, Twitter), others I could do without (Vine, Pinterest, Instagram) and some I do only because it’s the only way I can keep up with kids (Snapchat).

But Twitter is definitely my new favorite.  Let me show not tell on how I use it.  Here are the tangible results I got from a few hours on Twitter last Saturday morning:

  • Blog entry  from Tom Vander Ark re 25 Smart #socialMedia Tips for #EdLeaders – will research 5 tools that he suggests
  • Article about Tween Brain – shared on school website for parents; signed up to follow TweenTeacher blog

All free, all open source.  So much learning to gain and share – perhaps I’ll buy me some Twitter stock at the IPO next week!

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