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Making the Best of a Power Outage

On Wednesday 2/12  the power in our neighborhood went out for approximately 30 minutes.  We are glad to report that our students were great, taking the darkness in stride.  Rather than attempt to teach in relative darkness the whole school got a spontaneous park outing where they launched into a school wide game of “Infection.”  For those not in the know, “Infection” is a take on tag where kids who get tagged are “infected’ until everyone is done in.  With plenty of adults supervising the group, we were able to use the entire park, here is a picture of Seth gunning for the two Michaels.  It was a blast!  Once the power came on we adjusted the schedule so that we were able to maintain full Spanish classes; they just missed out on Literacy for the day.

Sth closing in on the two Michaels.

Seth closing in on the two Michaels.

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