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Spring Intersession 2014 – In The Bag

This semester I got to be the responsible adult holding down the fort at the school watching the comings and goings during Intersession. It was fun to catch snippets of conversations and the enthusiastic, often exhausted, reporting out by student and teacher alike.  Here is a sample:

  • Rosemary being enormously proud to see her kids support each other as they pushed their physical and mental limits in the Athletic Mind
  • Peeps kids being working hard to keep their baby chicks alive – then confronting the death of one chick head on.  First grieving it, then exploring it (a student researched the safety procedures behind animal dissection and then did an autopsy to discover the cause of death), then honoring it through a make shift funeral.
  • The Strong Girls group confronting a significant physical challenge and working as a group to overcome it.
  • Several students from 2 Wheelers who were not initially strong bicyclist, overcoming their anxiety and were being able to keep up with the group.
  • Prescott kids working hard to create their own cultures and then writing “I Am” poems that shed a light on the unique families they each come from.  These poems were so raw and honest, they made Santo & Erika cry.

On Friday, as usual, we wrapped things up – collecting best work for student-leds and portfolio, writing thank you notes, filling out evaluations.  But my best moment was the lunch time intramurals.  It was great to watch our kids have so much fun as they competed, but also supported each other, in a series of old fashioned relay races.  A great way to end the quarter and usher in Spring Break!

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