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Advisory Challenge 4/22-30

Our PFFS advisories are planning a short 10 minute challenge to share during their scheduled KIVA session (see below) as part of Advisory Challenge 2014.  Each advisory will have contestant(s) from each Advisory compete in the given  challenge to gain points.  The top 3 Advisory finishers will receive points and the Advisory with the most points accumulated by the end of the challenge receive the official trophy.

Challenges could include feats of strength, academic agility, or even silliness.  They must fit within the 10 minutes allotted and must not be dangerous to participants.  Each advisory must present new contestants each day before anyone may compete a second time.  Most of all, make it fun!

Advisory Challenge 2014 Schedule

KIVA (8:30-8:45)

Tuesday 4/22 – Chris’ Advisory, Wednesday 4/23 – Ariane’s Advisory, Thursday 4/24 – Kight’s Advisory,  Friday 4/25 – Erika’s Advisory, Monday 4/28 – Carman’s Advisory, Tuesday 4/29 – Seth’s Advisory, and Wednesday 4/30 – ‘The Battle Royale’ between the six Advisors


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