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Last Week of School

A reminder about next week’s schedule:

  • On Tuesday, May, 20th, Advisories will be having their end of the year parties.  Some have chosen to have them off site and go after school hours.  You should have received notice if that is the case.  Please contact your child’s advisor if you have questions about what they have planned.
  • On Wednesday, May 21 school will be out at 3:30 so we can have an early out the following day in order to prepare for graduation.
  • Thursday, May 22 – school is out at 1:45.  8th graders should be back at school by 5:30 to prepare for 6:00 graduation ceremony.  The reception afterwards is a potluck.  Please refer to your graduation letter to see what you should bring.
  • 8th graders do not need to come to school on Friday, May 23rd until 10:30.  They will go to the Racquet Club at noon for their end of the year party.  They can be picked up at the Racquet Club by 3:10 or we will bring them back to the school by 3:30.
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