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Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence 8/23-24

Nonviolence Legacy Project Announces:

Celebrate Peace: Learn Nonviolence

Multi-Generational  Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence

DATES: Saturday & Sunday, August 23 & 24, 2014 (9:30 am to 5 pm both days)

LOCATION: Ward 3 City Council Office, 1510 E. Grant Rd., Tucson 85719

This two-day, highly participatory workshop for youth and adults covers information about nonviolence as a courageous way of life & a powerful strategy for social change. The training team consists of youth and adults, all certified as Kingian Nonviolence trainers.

Apply Martin Luther King’s six principles & six steps of nonviolence to your life and to human rights & social justice issues of our time. Consider how you can reduce the level of violence and discord in everyday conflicts. Learn more about how the philosophy and strategies of nonviolence were critical in achieving the success of various civil rights campaigns, including: the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Nashville Lunch Counter Sit Ins, Birmingham & the Children’s March, Selma & voting rights.

Read and discuss the Pilgrimage to Nonviolence by Dr. King and engage in a dramatic reading of a play based on Dr. King’s famous Letter from a Birmingham Jail written in response to criticism leveled against the civil rights leader by eight Alabama clergymenApply the wisdom in Dr. King’s words written more than 50 years ago to human rights challenges and personal conflicts we are confronting today.

Suggested Donation Fee: Adults = $20; College = $10; Middle & High School = $5.


FOR INFO & TO REGISTER:  520-991-6781

“I can only close the gap in broken community by meeting hate with love. If I meet hate with hate, I become depersonalized…At the center of nonviolence stands the principle of love.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

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