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How to Navigate PFFS Website

Wherever you find yourself on our website, you can always reorient yourself by clicking on the ‘About Page’ in the upper right-hand corner of the header at the top of the screen.

Top Strip

At the ‘About Page’ you learn about the schools and how we came to be named Paulo Freire Freedom School, as well as, thePFFS About Page ‘Mission’, ‘Academic Program’, ‘C0-Directors’, etc that are linked on the menu bar.  You can also use the menu bar at the ‘About Page’ to navigate directly to the two school locations: ‘University’ and ‘Downtown’.

At the bottom of every page on our website you will find a footer that provides (on the right-hand side) telephone contact and address information for each of the schools, as well as, their Facebook and Twitter links; (in the middle) links to the ‘Schools We Want: Director’s Blog’; and (on the left-hand side) a short form for you to get ‘News’ from either or both schools sent to your email address.

PFFS Bottom of Page Sign-up

When you navigate to the individual school pages, you will see that each school page is divided into sections and has a menu bar with items related to the individual school including: ‘Enrollment’, ‘Staff’, and ‘School Calendar’.

PFFS-DowntownBelow the first section (underneath the large student photo) there are two sections:   On the left-hand side is a short description of the individual school and on the right-hand side is the ‘Featured Stories’ section.  There are two featured stories posted here and they change overtime.  When you click on the ‘Read More’ link and the ‘Featured Stories’ link you can see all Featured Stories that have been posted over time.

Description Featured Stories

Below this section (but before the footer at the bottom of the school page) there are three sections: ‘News’, ‘Highlights’, and ‘Calendar’.  The ‘Calendar’ section only shows upcoming events, however, you can click on ‘View All Events’ to see all school events that have been posted.

News Highlights Calendars
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