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Importance of Attendance

It is critical that your young person attends school every day when they are not sick.  Our teachers design units of instruction with powerful themes and essential questions that span multiple weeks; connecting and integrating multi-day learning activities.  Even missing one day can place a student at a disadvantage.  Missing multiple days will make success at PFFS very difficult.  Several years ago the PFFS Governing Board adopted an attendance policy to align with state law and to support the success of our students.  It allows the co-director(s) to recommend withdrawal from the school of any of student who has been absent 10 or more days in a 60-day period.  Parents/guardians may appeal this recommendation by meeting with the school board and presenting a viable plan for getting their young person to school every day.  Let’s work together to insure the success of all of our students.  Use the School Calendar to plan your family get-aways.

2014-2015 School Calendar — The PFFS School Governing Board has adopted a school calendar that allows for 180 days of powerful teaching and learning including two weeks of special programming we call Intersession.  It also provides ample opportunities for family vacations that do not interfere with your child’s academic experience at Paulo Freire.  We encourage you to make every effort to plan your family get-aways with the School Calendar in mindHere is a list of the remaining extended weekends and longer breaks for students in 2014-2015: Feb. 26-Mar. 1 (4-day weekend), Mar. 6-8 (3-day weekend), Mar. 14-22 (9-day vacation), April 18-20 (3-day weekend), and May 1-3 (3-day weekend).  Download/print a school calendar for PFFS-University at Color-Coded 2014-2015 Calendar and for PFFS-Downtown at Color-Coded 2014-2015 Calendar.


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