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Cyclovia Tucson 11/2/14

cycloviafall14-8x11-enCyclovia Tucson is upon us.  Come join us today, Sunday 11/2/14.  The  route for the Fall Cyclovia passes right in front of the Historic Y (one of four hubs along the route) and Paulo Freire Freedom School is a Featured Activity Partner.  The hubs are designed to be centers of activity for Cyclovia participants and we want Paulo Freire Freedom School to shine as the center of this center of activity.  The streets will be open only to non-vehicular traffic from 10 am to 3 pm and (based on past Cyclovias) organizers expect about 20,000 people to participate along the 2.6 mile route.  Come join us on Sunday, November 2nd.

Come right now!  Get a PFFS sticker on your Cyclovia bingo card and maybe win prizes in the Cyclovia raffle.  We are situated at the center of the Historic Y ‘Cyclovia Hub’ (directly across from the climbing wall) and would love to meet you!

History of Cyclovia Tucson


Pics from the morning:

DSC_0006DSC_000710336714_10205255710138141_1062552080666258518_n (2)DSC_0001DSC_0003DSC_0008cyclovia (22)cyclovia (5)cyclovia (19)cyclovia (16)cyclovia (8)
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