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2014 PFFS ‘Tax Credit Campaigns’

Throughout November and December we are conducting 2014 Tax Credit Campaigns at each of our two schools.  These Tax Credit Campaigns are the only school-wide fundraisers conducted in the 2014-2015 school year at PFFS-D and PFFS-U.  But this one fundraising event at each school is critical to the operation of the schools.  Without the revenue we receive though your AZ Tax Credit contributions there would be no Intersessions, no Expeditions, and our Elective and extracurricular programming would be drastically cut.  Simply put, the PFFS you know and love at the Downtown and University locations would not exist on the funding alone we receive from the state for our small enrollments.  To operate such small schools (by intention) and offer this kind of unique programming – we absolutely need the extra revenue we receive from the annual Tax Credit Campaign and through our professional outreach services.

Tax Credit Post Card PFFS BothWe are not asking you for contributions that would otherwise be used to support you and your family.  The state of Arizona lets you divert some of the taxes you already pay to the state – to a public school of your choice.  Arizona allows you to take as much as $200 (if you are filing as an individual) and $400 (if you are married and filing jointly) from the taxes you owe to the state and give it instead to a public school of your choice as part of the Arizona ‘Tax Credit Program’.  Your contribution to either PFFS-Downtown or PFFS-University through the 2014 ‘Tax Credit Campaign’ is actually just part of the 2014 income taxes you already owe on income earned in 2014.  You must, however, make your Tax Credit contribution before December 31st for it to be taken out of the AZ taxes you will owe for this calendar year.  These Tax Credit Campaigns will run through to the end of 2014.  Please consider making your tax credit contribution today.  We truly depend on you for support.

To learn more about the AZ Tax Credit Program and make your Tax Credit contribution go to:

Support PFFS-Downtown              Support PFFS-University

Our students get involved in the campaign through their Advisories.  When an adult makes a contribution to PFFS-Downtown or PFFS-University as a Tax Credit contribution they can designate that their contribution be attributed to a particular student’s Advisory.  Advisories get awards/prizes for both the number of contributions collected in the Advisory’s name and the amount of money collected in the name of their Advisory.  There will also be school-wide prizes awarded at each school for the total amount collected.

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