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Tax Credit Contributions Make PFFS Intersessions Possible

For each dollar you give to the 2014 PFFS Tax Credit Campaigns at the Downtown or the University locations – you will get that amount back on your 2014 AZ tax return (up to $200 for individuals and $400 for couples filing jointly) when you file your tax return.   On a dollar-for-dollar basis the taxes you owe to the state of Arizona for 2014 are reduced by the amount you give to a PFFS school by December 31st, 2014.

PFFS Tax Credit Contributions Support Intersession

We could not be prouder of the unique Intersession programming we design at Paulo Freire Freedom School exposing our young people to rich/intensive, week-long learning experiences in the Fall and in the Spring of every school year.  Over the past 10 years we have taken students on incredible trips away from Tucson DSC_0277that have included studying racism at the Tolerance Museum in Los Angeles, coastal biomes at CEDO in Puerto Peñasco and photography in Alamos, Mexico, archaeology in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, native cultures in Durango, Colorado and backpacking in Aravaipa Canyon.  We also design amazing week-long experiences that take place in and around Tucson.  We believe all of these experiences enrich our students background knowledge and support their engagement in the rest of our programming.  Please take a moment to view individual Intersession descriptions and photos at the links posted below.

PFFS-University Intersession

PFFS-Downtown Intersession

Providing powerful Intersession experiences like these takes funding that even large schools would find difficult to allocate.  For small schools like the Paulo Freire schools – the only way we can provide these Intersession experiences is with Tax Credit revenue.  Each Fall and Spring Intersession experience has a fee associated with it and families are asked to pay only what they can afford.  Tax Credit revenue makes up the difference.  Each year a substantial amount of the costs for these experiences are paid for with scholarships provided from Tax Credit revenue.

We are not aware of any school in Arizona (perhaps the country) which has an Intersession program like ours.  And we are only able to to bring these life changing opportunities to our children because we receive generous donations from our families and friends.  By “donations”  we really mean “temporary loans” — because your contribution of up to $200/person or $400/couple is recouped when you file your 2014 state taxes.  Please take a moment right now to make your Tax Credit contribution to one of the PFFS schools by writing a check or paying by Paypal today.  Use the links below to go to each school’s Tax Credit Campaign page (which have the form and Paypal link for each school). And feel free to brag about what we do to friends and neighbors by sharing the Intersession sites with them.  We are certain they will be inspired too.

Support PFFS-Downtown

Support PFFS-University

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