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Day Before Thanksgiving at PFFS-U

As we get ready to release our young people for the Thanksgiving mini-break (4-day weekend), I want to take a moment to thank all of our PFFS families who sent canned and other prepackaged food items to school this week to be given to the Tucson Community Food Bank.  We just delivered three large boxes, crammed full of food items – thank you so very much.

In the AM of this day before Thanksgiving, students rotated through different learning activities that included an inquiry into the relationship between gratitude and happiness, the making of pies and other goodies, and the writing of letters expressing gratitude.  Here is a short clip taken during one of the ‘goodie-making’ sessions showing a very creative work-around for the broken blender:  Students are coming back from their Wed ‘Active Lunch’, at this writing, to sample their goodies.  Any leftovers will be delivered to Salvation Army.

Tax Credit contributions to Paulo Freire must be given before January 1st 2015 in order to get the 1-1 tax credit on your 2014 state income taxes.  That means there are still 35 days left in our campaign, however, there is no time like the present to make your contribution to PFFS and tell others about the campaign “Feed the Platypus!”  Here is the most current tally of contributions attributed to our students’ advisories: Erica’s Advisory ($443), Carman’s Advisory ($430), Mallory’s Advisory ($230), Mariah’s Advisory ($230), Ariane’s Advisory ($30), and Chris’s Advisory ($30).  Last year’s campaign raised almost $18,000 to support our innovative programming – more than $11,000 of which was attributed to student advisories and their hard work to convince family, neighbors, and friends to give to PFFS.  This year our overall goal is to break $20,000.

Individual advisories will win prizes for meeting certain advisory goals and Santo has pledged to our students in a Morning Meeting a few weeks back that if we as a school break $19,999, he will shave off all hair from the neck up in a Morning Meeting after Winter Break.  “The eye brows too?” a student asked.  “”Yes, the eye brows too.”

Have a wonderful mini-break PFFS community.

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