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Tax Credit Post Card PFFS BothThe 2014 AZ Tax Credit Campaigns for PFFS-Downtown and PFFS-University are coming to a close in just 12 days on December 31st at midnight.  We want to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed thus far.  We appreciate your support so very much!

We also want to encourage everyone who has not yet contributed to this years’ PFFS campaigns to  consider making some kind of contribution to one or both of the schools today.

The Arizona Department of Revenue allows Arizona income tax payers to contribute a part of the taxes they owe on the income they earned in 2014 to a public school of their choice.

You can give $10, $50, $100 – any amount up to $200 (if you are filing individually) and $400 (if you are filling jointly) and when you file your tax  return in 2015 you will have reduced the amount of taxes you owe by that same amount.  In other words, you are not actually donating to a public school – rather you are taking taxes you already owe to the state of Arizona and diverting part of those taxes to a public school.

So why give your AZ Tax Credit contribution to a Paulo Freire Freedom School?  There are so many public schools to choose from, why PFFS?

Because we believe that authentic learning is experienced and we provide those learning experiences to our young people by design.

Both PFFS-University (opened in 2005) and PFFS-Downtown (opened this year) are demonstration sites/lab schools for best instructional practices and small school design.  We exist to provide public educators in Tucson and throughout Arizona living examples of education that works – learning that is experienced.  Take a moment to view this chronological, photo montage (below) of the learning experienced in the first half of this school year at PFFS-U and think about giving your AZ Tax Credit contribution to one of our two schools (PFFS-D’s 1st Semester has been just as amazing).  To contribute online or download Tax Credit form and mail your contribution go to either:

Support PFFS-Downtown or Support PFFS-University

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