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Openings in the 2015-2016 CITY High School 9th Grade Class

We strongly encourage our PFFS-University 8th graders and their parents, who have not yet made a decision about a high school for next year (or even if you have), to consider enrolling as an incoming 9th grader at City High School for 2015-2016.  Every year, there are PFFS graduates who first enroll elsewhere (perhaps at a much larger high school) to begin the secondary part of their school experience and then later in that journey, after a disappointing beginning, find themselves at City High School, where they flourish.  It would have been so much better for them if they had enrolled in CHS initially.

CHS provides a very similar learning environment to Paulo Freire.  Because CHS is small by design, there is a level of personalization and community not found at large high schools.  At City students are known well.  And at City High School, like PFFS-D and PFFS-U, they are committed to using best PBL instructional practices: Place-based Learning, Problem-based Learning, and Project-based Learning.  We believe that PFFS 8th graders would enjoy immensely and perform amazingly at CHS.  To learn more about the enrollment process at City High School go to CHS Enrollment Process and to enroll online right now go to CHS Enroll.  February 1st is the deadline for City High School enrollment if you want to be included in the initial lottery.

There is another reason why City High School and the two Paulo Freire Freedom Schools are such a good fit.  The five original founders of the three schools have been collaborating for more than a decade and very soon that collaboration will take a giant step forward.  Click on the link CITY Center for Collaborative Learning to read more about what is coming to Tucson.

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