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Sleep Day at PFFS-Downtown on Wednesday, April 29th

Word travels fast.  PFFS-Downtown’s Advisory Council got wind of the fact that PFFS-University recently had a sleep day and they wanted in on that action!  So next Wednesday we will be spending the day learning about the science and art of sleep.

Science tells us that the quality and quantity of sleep is important for all humans, but it is particularly critical for adolescents.  We know that often parents struggle with their teens around this issue – when to go to sleep, to leave technology out of the bedroom etc.  We believe that providing our students with this valuable information we be helpful in getting them on our side and into bed to do the important work of sleeping.

‘Frontline’ producer Sarah Spinks has put together a great “summary of what researchers know about teenagers’ need for sleep and why sleep affects memory and learning” entitled Adolescents and Sleep.  Katrina Schwartz wrote Why Sleeping May Be More Important Than Studying published by ‘Mindshift‘.   We encourage everyone to read these and make whatever changes are needed at your home to ensure that your young person is getting enough sleep every night.

And yes, it is fine that they come to school in public-appropriate pajamas, which will serve them well for the built in nap time we plan on having.

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