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May 1st As A School Holiday

Paulo Freire Freedom School at both the Downtown and University locations are off today, May 1st, as a school holiday.  During the past ten years we have made ‘May Day’ a school holiday at PFFS only a few times, but when we do we are always excited to be able to set aside a day in solidarity with everyone (worldwide) who fights for justice Maydayand equality in their corner of the world.

During the past century May Day has been closely associated with the workers movement and workers’ rights in particular.  We believe that the right to a job with a living wage is a basic human right.  We must all care about creating a society and an economic structure within that society that provides a job with a living wage to anyone/everyone who wants to work.

This past week our attention has been focused on Baltimore and the death of another young black man while in the custody of the police.  baltimore-protests-maryland-state-troopers.siIt has been a wrenching experience to see this happen again.  Whereas, most of the reporting has been what it always is when this has happened, some of the reporting about this incident has focused on the severe unemployment situation in Baltimore and in cities like Baltimore across America.  We have even seen some reporting that links our current economic system, poverty and unemployment, the justice system and its policing arm, and our prison system as a closed loop that only serves to keep the poor impoverished and our prisons full.

We encourage the PFFS Community and everyone else who might be reading this to think deeply about the future of America and our world today and what each of us can do to be part of a much needed and deep change!

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