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PFFS ‘Back-to-School Night’ Next Week

Front6-11b (2)Both PFFS-Downtown and PFFS-University will be holding ‘Back To School Night’ from 5:30-7:00 pm next week on Wednesday, August 26th. This is not an open house/drop-in affair.  When you arrive at your young photo 3person’s respective school you will receive their schedule of classes and an agenda for the evening that moves you through a ‘typical  day’ in the life of your child at PFFS.

Parking at both schools can be challenging.  Please give yourself enough time and read the parking instructions provided for each school:

PFFS-University Parking: Directly in front of the school (south side of University Blvd) is a 15 minute loading zone in effect from 7:30-8:30 and 2:30 to 3:30. From 8:30-2:30, one hour parking is available.  However, in the evening parking is unrestricted.   On the east side of 5th Ave (west of Historic Y building) there is unrestricted parking and the alley (east of Historic Y building) and the parking lot (directly behind the school) is open for unrestricted parking at any time.  There is unrestricted parking on many of the streets/avenues directly west/northwest of the building.  West University Parking Maps

PFFS-Downtown Parking: There are metered parking spots located along Pennington Street directly in front of the school.  Meters can be paid using coins, credit cards, or smartphone apps; the spots are free after 5:00 p.m. and on weekends. The Pennington Street Garage is located at the corner of North 6th Avenue and Pennington Street and can be accessed from either direction; the garage entrance is on Scott Avenue. The Park Tucson website is a good resource for more details about downtown parking options.  Park Tucson Downtown Parking Map

‘Back-to-School Night’ at both schools will be a wonderful opportunity to meet teachers and other parents.  We are excited to share what we are doing with your students this year and are hoping to see lots of you Wednesday evening!

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