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PFFS Calendar and Family Trips

11817038_10153628331037323_5598004186576147376_n (2)We are off to an amazing school year at PFFS-Downtown and PFFS-University.  At both schools we have created learning experiences/activities embedded within multi-week, units of instruction, designed to allow on-going collaboration between students, as well as extended days of individual and group inquiry/discovery.  IMG_7459Throughout these experiences our students are asked to demonstrate their learning (show us what they know and are able to do), and at the end of each unit, provide evidence of deep understanding.  We are very proud of the teaching and learning we design at the Paulo Freire schools for the entire 180 days of school and we believe it is critically important that our young people are here every day that they are well enough to be present – so that they can be successful.

The PFFS school boards adopt a calendar each year that supports our design of powerful teaching and learning  by providing ample extended weekends and longer breaks throughout the school year, so that families can plan getaways that do not interfere with their child’s learning.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the 2015-2016 School Calendars (PFFS-D and PFFS-U) and the extended weekends and breaks they provide.  Days off and early releases are the same for both schools except for during the last week of school.  At each of these calendar web pages please note that there is a  link to a PFFS Google calendar that can be shared with your personal Google calendar (if you use Gmail).

Here is a List of the 2015-2016 Extended Weekends and Breaks: Labor Day Weekend 9/5-7 (3 days), Fall Teacher Planning Weekend 10/2-4 (3 days), Fall Break 10/10-18 (9 days), Thanksgiving Weekend 11/26-29 (4 days), Winter Break 12/18 – 1/3 (17 days), MLK Weekend 1/16-18 (3 days), Rodeo Days Weekend 2/25-28 (4 days), Spring Teacher Planning Weekend 3/11-13 (3 days), and Spring Break 3/19-27 (9 days).

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