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Fall 2015 Intersession

It was 70 degrees  in Tucson last night when most of us were falling off to sleep and even lower than that when we awoke today!  Has autumn actually arrived in Tucson?  Can we hear a collective “Amen!” from the PFFS community.  Smiles.  Actually, we need no other sign that Autumn is here than the annual announcement that Fall Intersession is upon us.

COV004_Page_21Next week, during Morning Meeting on Thursday and Friday (9/10 & 9/11), we will be presenting our Fall 2015 Intersession options to students.  For those of you who are new to the Paulo Freire schools, the process is fairly straightforward.  After hearing/seeing presentations about the options , students will be given an Intersession ‘Choice Sheet’ to take home and discuss with parents (on 9/11).  Short descriptions of each Intersession option will be included on the sheet.  Students are to then rank the options 1, 2, 3…. with a #1 being their first choice, #2 their second choice, etc.  Parents/guardians are to sign the ranked Choice Sheet and the signed/ranked sheet is to be returned to the school no later than Tuesday (9/15).

COV004_Page_22On Friday (9/18) the announcements of Intersession group assignments will be made during Morning Meeting at both schools and Intersession groups will then meet together.  Parent letters describing the particular Intersession and related fees, as well as, financial aid request forms, waiver/permission forms (where applicable), and/or other support materials will be given to students to take home at that time.

COV004_Page_23You will be able to track all of this at each school’s Fall 2015 Intersession webpage: PFFS-D and PFFS-U.  On Friday (9/11) the Intersession options will be posted at these pages and on Friday (9/18) links to the parent letters and other support materials will be posted next to each Intersession ‘blurb’ on these pages.  The actual Fall 2015 Intersession week takes place October 5-9.

We have pulled off some amazing Intersession weeks at Paulo Freire through the years (20 different Intersession weeks previously – but whose counting) and perhaps this onslaught of Autumn temperatures has triggered a bit of nostalgia.  The pictures you see in this post are from the 2005-2006 PFFS yearbook.


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