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Fall 2015 Intersession Assignments & First Meetings

_fb34Today during an extended Morning Meeting at both middle schools, PFFS students were given their Fall Intersession group assignments and then met in those groups for about 30 minutes.  Intersession facilitators shared  learning expectations, provided details about the week-long experiences (Oct 5-9), and distributed Parent Letters that students are to take home and discuss with their parent(s)/guardian(s).

Each Intersession has associated fees which are also shared in the Parent Letter.  Financial aid is available for any family that may need assistance.  We use Tax Credit Campaign revenue to provide Intersession Fee scholarships to anyone who applies.  IFAlso, families can donate more than their own child’s Intersession fees to help other families who do not have the means to pay.  Every student in the Paulo Freire learning community participates in Intersession regardless of their family’s ability to cover the fees.

If your young person comes home today without their Intersession ‘Parent Letter’ you can go to your school’s Fall 2015 Intersession web page to read about their assigned Intersession (PFFS-D Intersession and PFFS-U Intersession).  We are also posting links to individual Intersession ‘Parent Letters’ at these web pages as they become available.

_fb31JoAnn Groh, Co-Founder of Paulo Freire Freedom School and Principal at PFFS-Downtown has been writing a blog for a few years now called “The Schools We Want“.  Two years ago she wrote a reflection about Intersession during the break following the Fall 2013 Intersession.  If you are interested in learning more about why Intersession is so important at Paulo Freire, I encourage you to read “Intersession – Afterward” by JoAnn.

The photos posted here are from the Fall 2013 Intersession.


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