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Intersession & The End of The 1st Quarter

INT08Fall 2015 Intersession is October 5-9.  Each ‘Fall 2015 Intersession’ experience has fees associated with it.  Fees and signed forms (where applicable) are due next week on Tuesday, September 29th.  As always, financial aid is available.  We use Tax Credit* revenue to insure that every PFFS student participates in Intersession – regardless of ability to pay.  There are links to the parent letters (with notice of Intersession fees) at each school’s Intersession web page, as well as, permission forms and the financial aid form (please see PFFS-D Intersession or PFFS-U Intersession).

* The two schools’ 2015 Tax Credit Campaigns will get underway after we return from Fall Break on Monday (10/19).  For information about making Tax Credit donations see Support PFFS-Downtown and/or Support PFFS-University.  Please note that you can make your Tax Credit contribution before the campaigns begin.

Because the Fall 2015 Intersession (10/5-9) is the last week of our First Quarter each student must make sure that they have completed proficiently, assigned work from their regular classes before Intersession Week begins.  We reserve the right to hold students back from all or part of their Intersession experience to complete assigned work.  That means next week is their last chance to get work completed before it effects their Intersession participation and please note – next week is a 4-day school week.  Friday (10/1) is a Teacher Planning Day (school not in session).  We encourage our parents to discuss this with their young people and perhaps set aside time this weekend to complete assignments.

The week after Fall 2015 Intersession is our autumn break (10/12-16).  Including weekends, Fall Break is a 9-day vacation from school.  Students will return on the Monday after Fall Break (10/19).  First Quarter ‘Progress Reports’ will be sent home with students during that week on Friday (10/23).


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