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Student-led Conference Appointments

As posted last week, “Student-Led Conferences’ are scheduled twice per year (in October and February) in the afternoons/early evenings of a Thursday and Friday (there is also time for parent-conferences set aside in April to be scheduled as needed).  Our first Student-Led Conferences in the 2015-2016 school year are scheduled for October 29 & 30.

Today (9/25) PFFS students at both locations will be given Student-Led Conference ‘Appointment Forms’ to take home to their parents/guardians and return to school completed and signed by Tuesday of next week (9/29).  These may also be downloaded from each school’s website at the Student-Led Conference page PFFS-D or PFFS-U.

Parents/Guardians, it is critical when you fill out the form that you circle as many times as are possible for you to attend your young person’s conference.  The scheduling of 75 appointments at each school during the afternoons/early evenings of 10/29 and 10/30 will be an impossible task unless everyone can be as flexible.  So please circle every time that you could possibly make work in your busy schedule.  Example:

selection example



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