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PFFS-D Ancient Civilizations ‘Living Museum’ and Open House


PastedGraphic-1On Tuesday (10/29) from 4:30-7:00pm, the PFFS-Downtown community is invited to participate in a Living Museum during which the Paulo Freire 6th and 7th graders will share their findings about 10 different ancient civilizations and how they incorporated technologies from 10 different STEM aspects.

Additionally, students’ iMovies documenting those aspects (Agriculture, Art, Architecture, City Life, Economics, and Learning) will be featured.  Last but not least, there will be food.   Tasty ancient Hohokam treats will be on hand for our museum guests (donation of $5 per plate suggested).

For a deeper look into the teaching and learning that is behind this project please read PBL + STEM = A Winning Combination.

Parent Info Opportunity

After (or before) you explore the Living Museum our 6th/7th grade parents are invited to come downstairs and get some clarity on two innovative aspects of PFFS-Downtown.  JoAnn Groh will be sharing information connected to how we do our assessment/grades at PFFS (a repeat of the workshop last year with parents) and Chad Blair will host a workshop explaing some of the features of Google Classroom.  The sessions will be 20-25 minutes and will repeat so parents can choose which workshop(s) fit best with their schedule See below

5:00 – Google Classroom
5:30 – Grade Workshop
6:00 – Google Classroom
6:30 – Grade Workshop

Ancient Museum Menu
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