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PFFS-U Assignment/Class Info Tracking

At Paulo Freire Freedom School – University, PFFS staff employ mutliple mediums to help students and their parents track assignments, special projects, and upcoming class events:

  • At the beginning of the year, every student receives the same set of school supplies – which includes a 2015-2016 Student Planner.  At the end of each class, students are asked to write in that planner whatever assignment, project information, reminder, etc. that their teacher asks them to record.  These assignments are usually also written by the teacher on the white board in the classroom.
  • PFFS staff also record assignments, etc. in the Google Calendar for their class.  Links to these class calendars can be found at each teacher’s Staff page.  For example, if I am an 8th grader (or 8th grade parent) and I am interested in checking for assignments in 8th Grade Humanities, I would go to the Mallory Reed Hansen or Gabriella (Gaby) Gutierrez staff page and click on the 8th Humanities Calendar link.  What is cool about the calendar function at Google Chrome is that if you have a personal Google Calendar you can easily add other Google calendars (e.g. the PFFS assignment calendars) to your own, for easy checking of assignments.  These can then be opened or remain closed (until you want to view them) when you are accessing your personal calendar.
  • Another medium for checking assignment notifications and, perhaps even more importantly, tracking your young person’s performance on assignments is Schoology.  Students at Paulo Freire are enrolled in Schoology ‘courses’ corresponding to the Core classes they are enrolled in at PFFS (Humanities, Mathematics, Science, and Spanish).  Santo will be sending home ‘Parent Access codes’ to each Paulo Freire parent (for their individual child) this weekend.  Some parents already have these but some parents do not, so he will send a personal email to each parent to make sure everyone has their child’s personal code.  Every PFFS-U parent needs to make sure they have created a parent account at Schoology before using their child’s code.  The Schoology link can also be found at the Staff page of each teacher.  It looks like this:

If you have any questions about any of this, please call PFFS-University (624-7552) or shoot Santo an email.

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