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PFFS 2015 Tax Credit Campaigns Are Underway

To All Paulo Freire Freedom School Supporters

Tax Credit Post CardIf you are an Arizona resident who has been paying AZ state income tax in 2015, then you have the opportunity to financially support the Paulo Freire schools and receive a tax credit for your donation when you file your 2015 tax return.

Arizona law allows taxpayers to contribute a maximum of $200 total as an individual or $400 as a married couple to schools in Arizona and receive a tax credit for the donation.

A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of the taxes you owe to the state.  If, for example, a family owes $300 in taxes to the Arizona Department of Revenue and they make a $250 tax credit contribution to PFFS before December 31, 2015 – the family’s tax bill decreases to $50.  Or, if a family were to be getting a refund of $500 from the Arizona Department of Revenue but they make a $250 tax credit contribution to PFFS before December 31, 2015 – they would instead be getting back $550 when they file their 2015 return.  All Arizona taxpayers are able to take advantage of this dollar-for-dollar school tax credit option, whether or not they have children in school.


The School Logo - DowntownThe School Logo - UniversityPlease consider making a Tax Credit donation before 12/31/15 to one of the Paulo Freire Freedom Schools and encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same.  Each school (because they are separate public school entities) conducts their own Tax Credit Campaign.

Click on the school logos to find out more about each school’s campaign and to make your tax credit contribution today.


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