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Tours Continue for Prospective 2016-2017 Parents & Students

We had our first tours this past week at PFFS-Downtown and PFFs-University for prospective parents and students for next year.  Thank you to everyone who put the word out to family, friends and neighbors.  We will be flip-flopping times for these monthly tours –  so in November there will be a morning tour at PFFS-U from 9:00-10am on 11/17 and an evening tour at PFFS-D from 5:30-6:30pm on 11/18.  There will also be tours at City High school in November (see below).  Help us get the word out to your friends and neighbors that there are these opportunities to learn about our three public schools.

PFFS-Downtown, Dates & Times:

photo 4Morning Tours are on Tuesdays (9:00-10am): October 27, December 8, and February 16. Please call the school at 352-0057 to make arrangements.

Evening Tours are on Wednesdays (5:30-6:30pm): November 18, January 20, and March 2.  No need to make arrangements to attend.

PFFS-D Enrollment Page

PFFS-University, Dates & Times:

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Morning Tours are on Tuesdays (9:00-10am): November 17, January 19, and March 1.  Please call the school at 624-7552 to make arrangements.

Evening Tours are on Wednesdays (5:30-6:30pm):  October 28, December 9, and February 17.  No need to make arrangements to attend.

PFFS-U Enrollment Page

City High School, Dates & Times:

chsMorning Tours: November 13, December 4, January 22, February 19. All morning tours start at 8:30am and wrap up within 1 hour. To sign up for a daytime tour, please contact Charles Schnarr, 623-7223 x202 or

Evening Tours: November 12, December 3, January 21, February 18. Evening tours are from 5:30-6:30pm and do not require sign-up.

CHS Enrollment Page

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