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A Dollar-For-Dollar Tax Reduction In Exchange for Tax Credit Contribution

“But at tax tax time, we don’t usually owe taxes.  

We usually get a refund from the taxes we have already paid.  

Can we still get an AZ Tax Credit?”


If you look to be getting a refund of $500 (for example) from the Arizona Department of Revenue and you make a $200 tax credit contribution to PFFS before December 31, 2015 – you would get back $700 when you file your 2015 return instead of the $500 you would have gotten if you hadn’t made the $200 contribution.  Or if a couple owes $300 in taxes (another example) to the Arizona Department of Revenue and they make a $400 tax credit contribution to PFFS before December 31, 2015 – instead of owing taxes when they file their joint return they would now be getting back a tax refund of $100.  All Arizona taxpayers are able to take advantage of the school tax credit option, whether they have children in school or not.

The AZ Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar tax reduction that allows you to direct AZ income taxes owed (up to $200 for an individual and $400 for a couple filing jointly) to a school of your choice.

During Student-Led Conferences last week we distributed to PFFS parents a Tax Credit flyer (that included a Tax Credit Campaign contribution form) and a stamped, envelope so that it would be easier for the PFFS community to make a dollar-for-dollar tax credit contribution to their school.  Please consider making that contribution now while you still have the envelope handy (PFFS-D Flyer and PFFS-U Flyer).

Please consider making a Tax Credit donation before 12/31/15 to one of the Paulo Freire Freedom Schools and encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same.  Each school (because they are separate public school entities) conducts their own Tax Credit Campaign.

Downtown Logo FlippedPlatapusClick on the school mascots (the PFFS-D Dragons or the PFFS-U Platypi) to find out more about each school’s campaign and make your tax credit contribution today either by check or online through PayPal!


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