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Tax Credit: An Integral Part of PFFS

“We dreamed of a school where powerful and transformative teaching and learning were the norm and not the exception; a school where the whole person (body, heart, mind and soul) and the whole community were supported and challenged.  We dreamed of a school that would be dedicated to social justice and environmental sustainability; a school where  ‘giving-back’ was everyone’s responsibility.  We dreamed of a school where diversity among individuals and communities and the unique developmental journey of each would be honored and celebrated.” (from Founders)


Friday Expedition in 2005-2006

When JoAnn and Santo set out to design Paulo Freire Freedom School in 2003-2004 we had a daunting task before us.  Operating a small public school in the state of Arizona – even given the ‘small school weight’ – appeared fiscally impossible.  It is why there are so few small school options in Tucson.  We did finally figure out a way to make a 75-student school budget work and still maintain a humane student/teacher ratio but our dream was not just to design a small school.  We wanted to design an amazing small school with powerful extracurricular experiences for everyone.  We wanted to design a school where regular, engaging field expeditions were the norm.  We wanted to offer intensive week-long intersession experiences where students explored a topic in depth.  We wanted to offer an AfterSchool program to insure that every student could be successful.


Puerto Peñasco Intersession 2005-2006

At some point we became aware of the AZ Tax Credit program and we realized that we could offer these kinds of powerful extracurricular experiences as fee-based programs and provide financial aid (subsidized by Tax Credit revenue) so that everyone could participate regardless of ability to pay.

So the Paulo Freire Freedom School dream became a reality and the AZ Tax Credit program played and continues to play an integral role.  When you make a Tax Credit contribution to one of the Paulo Freire schools (up to $200 as an individual and up to $400 when filing jointly) you make these extracurricular programs possible and you get a dollar-for-dollar, credit for your contribution when you file your tax return.  Parents, families, and friends play an integral role in making Paulo Freire Freedom School at both locations possible.

Please consider making a Tax Credit donation before 12/31/15 to one of the Paulo Freire Freedom Schools and encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same.  Each school (because they are separate public school entities) conducts their own Tax Credit Campaign.

Downtown Logo FlippedPlatapusClick on the school mascots (the PFFS-D Dragons or the PFFS-U Platypi) to find out more about each school’s campaign and make your tax credit contribution today either by check or online through PayPal!

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