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Make An Impact Today!

This year Paulo Freire Freedom School (at both locations) and City High School are teaming up to get the word out about our three Tax Credit Campaigns.  So much of the powerful programming at our schools is supported by Tax Credit contributions – we thought a ‘joint-effort’ Your-Credit-Counts-@-CITYwould make a larger impression on our shared community of the impact their contributions make.  You may have received the mass-mailed postcard (front of postcard at left) two weeks ago week when we launched our campaign collaboration.  We will also be sending out a helpful remittance form in the coming weeks.

There is a big difference between a Tax Credit contribution to a public school and a simple donation: Whereas, you may or may not qualify for a tax deduction for a donation you make to a school (depending on your income and the size of the donation) – when you make a Tax Credit contribution to a school you are guaranteed a dollar-for dollar reduction of the taxes you owe to the state.

Please take a moment to visit the three schools’ campaign websites (click on the logos below) and make your contribution today – knowing that your ‘Tax Credit’ donation will make a significant impact on public schooling in Tucson.  We are grateful for your support.  Thank you!

The School Logo - Downtown Untitled The School Logo - University




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