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2015 Tax Credit Campaign

Deadline: Midnight 12/31/2015

Midnight on December 31, 2015 is the deadline for making your AZ Tax Credit contribution to City High School, Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown, or Paulo Freire Freedom School – University.   When you report your AZ Tax Credit contribution on your 2015 AZ tax return, you get your entire contribution returned to you.  These contributions are critical to each school if we are to continue providing the amazing programming we are known for in the Tucson community.

As you consider how much you are going to be giving, please read the letter below sent to the PFFS-Downtown community earlier this week by one of their parents:

Parent Tax Credit Letter

Teaming Up

This year Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown, Paulo Freire Freedom School – University, and City High School are teaming up to get the word out about each school’s Tax Credit campaigns.  Click on the links below to learn about each campaign and make your donation to today!

The School Logo - Downtown Untitled The School Logo - University

CITY Center for Collaborative Learning

Finally, a Tax Credit contribution to any of these three, small public schools not only impacts programming at each of the schools – it also impacts public schooling throughout Tucson and beyond.  Beginning in July, these three schools will be operated by CITY Center for Collaborative Learning as demonstration sites/lab schools for best teaching and learning practices and small school design. CITY Center offers research-based professional development and community engagement experiences for teachers, educational leaders, community partners, and district teams, including school visits, workshops, and consulting.


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