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2015 Tax Credit Campaign – “Thank You!”

Deadline: Midnight 12/31/2015

Midnight on December 31, 2015 is the deadline for making your 2015 AZ Tax Credit contribution to Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown, City High School, or Paulo Freire Freedom School – University,   When you report your AZ Tax Credit contribution on your 2015 AZ tax return, you will get your entire contribution returned to you.  These contributions are critical to each school if we are to continue providing the amazing programming we are known for in the Tucson community.

Make your contribution today by clicking on one of the links above or below and contributing online before midnight 12/31/15 or sending us a check (dated no later than 12/31/15).

The School Logo - Downtown Untitled The School Logo - University


We want to thank everyone who has made or will be making a contribution to one of our schools in 2015.  Below is our video “Thank You!” to you all:




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