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1st Semester Narratives Sent Home Today

End of Semester ‘Narratives’ are being given to students today at both PFFS-Downtown and PFFS-University to bring home to their parents.  This Narrative packet includes a Cover sheet and accompanying Narrative sheets for each of their core classes.  If these do not make it home with your young person today please contact your respective school – PFFS-D (352-0057 ) or PFFS-U (624-7552).

Our Narrative report cards provide information about student achievement around specific learning standards, study habits as well as noncognitive skills such as motivation, perseverance and determination.  Narratives also include “H,” “P”, “N”, “U” letter grades and text tailored to your child’s learning profile. Narratives are part of a student’s permanent record.

Grading Scale:

Highly Performing – Students that receive a “highly performing” assessment are producing work that is above his/her grade level.  They are either putting in extra effort to go above and beyond expectations, or are demonstrating a skill/knowledge level that is above teacher expectations.

Proficient – If a student is “proficient” s/he is performing and producing work that is at grade level.  If a student is demonstrating proficiency at a skill or with respect to acquiring certain knowledge s/he is “right where they are supposed to be.”

Nearing Proficiency – If a student receives an “N” for nearing proficiency s/he is approaching proficiency but is not quite there yet.  It could be that s/he has not put in the requisite effort or that s/he needs a bit more time and/or instruction to master the content.

Underperforming – If a student receives a “U” for underperforming the work is either nonexistent or completely insufficient or s/he needs substantial intervention to work towards the target proficiency goal.  The progress report should describe with specificity the plan for this student moving forward.

An asterisk (*) after the letter grade represents modified curriculum appropriate for the student’s current performance level (e.g. H*).

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