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Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday 1/18

___MLKThere will no school at PFFS-Downtown and PFFS-University this Monday, January 18, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  We encourage the Paulo Freire community to remember this great American and his service to our country by participating in some kind of service project this weekend.

As most of you know, Paulo Freire Freedom School was founded in 2005 as part of the legacy of the Freedom Movement in the United States within which Dr. King played such an integral role.  freedom-school“The Freedom Movement in America spawned the Civil Rights Movement, the Poor People’s Movement, the Women’s Movement, the Peace Movement, the LGBT Movement, the Environmental Movement and, most recently, the Occupy movement – to name a few.  At the height of the Freedom Movement in the 1960s hundreds of college students from across the United States joined with Mississippians young and old alike to form together what they called ‘freedom schools’ to both expose the inequities of segregated public education in the south and to demonstrate a better way to educate.  We were and continue to be inspired by these brave people, the ‘freedom schools’ they created and the learner-centered methodology they employed.  We opened Paulo Freire ‘Freedom’ School in 2005 with the intention that the PFFS community would be grounded in this legacy.” excerpt from ‘About PFFS‘.

Service is an integral part of Paulo Freire Freedom School.  All 8th graders are required to write a statement of their philosophy of social justice and environmental sustainability as part the Graduation Exhibition Portfolio and this statement is to be grounded in a service learning project that they have completed.  This would be a great weekend to complete such a project.  For several years now, the President and First Lady have been encouraging people to celebrate the holiday by performing service: Make It A Day On – Not A Day Off.  You can tell the rest of nation about your project by registering it at that website.

And when you have completed your service there will be a free ‘Downtown Jazz Fiesta’ on MLK Day (1/18) from 11:00am-5:00pm – as part of the January ‘2016 Tucson Jazz Festival’ events.


Also, checkout this Press Release from the MLK Celebration Committee with information about other events on MLK Day (1/18).

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