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Student-led Conferences – Feb. 4th & 5th

Student-Led Conference ‘Appointment Forms‘ are being sent home with students today (1/15) and are due back to the schools by next Tuesday (1/19).  The actual conferences will take place on Thurs/Friday, Feb. 4-5, in the afternoon and early evening.  Students will be released early on those days at 12:00 pm.

On the ‘Appointment Forms’ please circle every date/time that would possibly work for you (see example below).  Scheduling conferences for 75 students at each school on two afternoons is impossible unless we have multiple options for each student that we can choose from.  Thank you in advance for your flexibility and cooperation.

IMG_1508 (2)

If for some reason the Student-Led Conference ‘Appointment Form’ does not make it home today you may download a PDF of the form here.  Again, forms are due on Tuesday after the Monday MLK holiday.

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