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Get Student-Led Conferences Forms Turned In ASAP

Student-Led Conference ‘Appointment Forms‘ were sent home with students last Friday (1/15) and were due back to the schools this week.  Several parents at both schools have not returned the completed forms as of today.  Please complete and return these forms ASAP.  We want to finalize the conference schedule early next week and let  each parent know appointment date/time. The actual conferences will take place on Thurs/Friday, Feb. 4-5, in the afternoon and early evening.  Students will be released early on those days at 12:00 pm.

On the ‘Appointment Forms’ please circle every date/time that would possibly work for you (see example below).  Scheduling conferences for 75 students at each school on two afternoons is impossible unless we have multiple options for each student that we can choose from.  Thank you in advance for your flexibility and cooperation.

IMG_1508 (2)

Student-led Conference Appointment Form

‘Student-Led Conferences‘ are scheduled twice per year (in October and February) in the afternoons/early evenings of  a Thursday and Friday (there is also time for parent-conferences set aside in April to be scheduled as needed). These conferences provide opportunities for students to accept responsibility for their learning, evaluate their performance, take pride in their achievements and develop their leadership skills. This is a required activity for all PFFS students. If a parent absolutely cannot attend, we ask that they assist their child in finding another adult who has a meaningful role in their child’s life and who can be there in the parent’s place.

Here is an explanation of the purpose/role of all conference participants:

Students – Your conference gives you an opportunity to reflect upon your successes and struggles, set goals for the future, and provide evidence of what you have learned in each of your classes. We emphasize that these are student-led conferences. So students, you’re the leaders! But know that your advisor will be there as a “coach” to support you and you will have time at school to prepare.

Advisors – This is an opportunity to enhance the lines of communication between the advisor, the advisee and his/her family. It allows us to deepen relationships that have already begun to form. Finally it is a chance for advisors to share any serious concerns we have regarding student pro¬gress.

Parents – This is your opportunity to listen, to ask questions, and to provide praise, guidance and support. For those of you who get monosyllabic answers to your questions (i.e. “how was school?” “Fine”), this is your chance to get more information.

On both the Thursday and Friday of Student-led Conferences, students are released at 12:00pm. If you need to have supervision for your child, please contact us and we will help coordinate supervision with other families or provide it on site.

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