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Integrate to Innovate

____ConferenceA dozen educators from PFFS-Downtown, PFFS-University, and City High School participated in a two day conference in Phoenix last weekend to learn about and discuss the latest developments in STEM education.  STEM integration is critical for developing the knowledge and skills our students, businesses, and communities desire and deserve. Critical thinking, creativity, and innovation are both goals and outcomes of educational practices that promote a trans-disciplinary approach to STEM education.

Innovation Lab

CITY Innovation Lab

The conference (which was sponsored by the Science Foundation AZArizona Technology in Education Association, Arizona Science Teachers Association, and Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics) was designed by and for teachers to explore ways to enhance STEM practices to better prepare our students for a 21st century workplace.

Our delegation from Tucson gathered each night to share new learning and plan ways to incorporate ideas immediately into our classrooms and schools.  Our three schools are demonstration sites for best teaching and learning practices as part of the CITY Center for Collaborative Learning which is designing an innovation lab that will serve as a model for forward-thinking teaching and learning environments – and a place to share best practices. The CITY Innovation Lab will serve as the hub for CITY Center for Collaborative Learning, where new ideas for 21st Century teaching and learning will be developed and exported to help other schools and districts achieve the goal of transforming the way they “do school.”


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