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Spring 2016 Intersession ‘Choice Sheets’ Sent Home

“Spring is in the air.”  Well not exactly (we had a low of 28 degrees earlier this week) – but at both Paulo Freire schools (yesterday and today) students were presented their Spring 2016 Intersession options.  So in a way, spring is the air this week at PFFS-Downtown and PFFS-University.

‘Choice Sheets’ are being sent home with students today.  Please take a moment this weekend to discuss with your young person the different Intersession options and make sure that they rank the list of options on their sheet from 1 to 6 (or 7) depending on which school they attend.  These choice sheets must be returned (completed and signed) by Tuesday next week (2/9/16).  We work very hard to make sure that every student is assigned one of their top choices.

We will announce Intersession group assignments in two weeks on Friday (2/19/16) and students will meet at that time with their assigned group to learn more about their particular Intersession and receive parent letters, permission forms, fees/financial aid forms, etc. to take home to their parents.

The actual, Spring 2016 Intersession week is not until in March (3/14-18).  For your convenience, descriptions of the Intersession options have been posted at each school’s website with a link to the Intersession Choice Sheet (in case it doesn’t make it home today).  See the Spring 2016 Intersession pages at PFFS-Downtown or PFFS-University to view the descriptions and download the choice form (checkout ‘Intersession’ drop down menu at each page to view descriptions and photos from past Intersession experiences).  These web pages will be updated on 2/19 to include links to required forms for each Intersession and once the Intersession week has concluded we will be uploading photos from each Intersession experience there as well.

Make sure your young person returns the completed/signed ‘Choice Sheet’ by next Tuesday to insure that they are assigned one of their top Intersession choices.

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