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Intersession Groups Announced

This morning (2/19) at both Paulo Freire middle schools, the Spring 2016 Intersession assignments were announced and Intersession groups met together for the first time.  Whereas Spring Intersession will not take place until the week of March 14, the excitement about the approaching Intersession was in full swing this morning.

In their individual groups students discussed together the experiences that are planned and received student/parent letters to take home that include a description of the Intersession and the fees associated with the Intersession.  Financial aid is available and financial aid forms have been distributed. In some Intersession groups waiver forms were distributed as well.  All fees and completed/signed forms (if applicable) are due by Tuesday, March 8th (18 days from today).

If for some reason, the Intersession letter and forms do not make it home or you are just interested in learning about the other Intersession experiences as well – checkout the Spring Intersession web pages at both schools: Downtown Intersession and University Intersession.  Links to student/parent letters and waiver docs (if applicable) are listed next to each Intersession blurb and a link to the financial aid form is at the top of each web page.

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