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Important End of 3rd Quarter Reminders

Intersession Fees/Forms Are Due on Tuesday – March 8th

Spring 2016 Intersession week is almost upon us (March 14-18).  All Intersession fees, as well as, signed forms where applicable (for example: financial aid forms and permission/waiver forms if needed) are due next week by end-of-day Tuesday (3/8/16).

If you have misplaced your parent letter (where fees are mentioned within the Intersession description) and/or accompanying forms, you can find them at each school’s ‘Spring 2016 Intersession’ web page: see PFFS-Downtown or PFFS-University.

Proficiency on 3rd Quarter Work

As Intersession approaches, the 3rd Quarter is coming to an end as well.  We reserve the right to hold students out of their Intersession experience, in order to complete work to demonstrate proficiency in their Core classes (at PFFS-D: Learning in Community, Language Arts and Mathematics and at PFFS-U: Humanities, Mathematics, Science, and Spanish).  This has been our policy since our first Intersessions back in 2005.  Please support your young person to complete any work that is missing or was not completed proficiently for their classes – by end of next week – so that they are able to participate fully in their Intersession.

Quarter 3 Progress Reports

Third Quarter ‘Progress Reports’ will be sent home on the Friday after Spring Break (4/1/16).

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