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Spring 2016 Intersession Next Week


Part of the 3/11/16 PFFS staff ‘Chalk Talk’

No school today for Paulo Freire students, however, Paulo Freire staff have been hard at work.  We started the day with bagels, coffee & chalk talk (see photo at right) followed by a connections circle and breakout conversations about teaching & learning strategies, however, we have spent the bulk of the day hard at work doing end of quarter progress grading and the final planning for next week’s Intersession experiences.

Next week is Spring 2016 Intersession (March 14-18).  Students at both schools have been assigned their Intersession groups (see PFFS-Downtown or PFFS-University).  Each group will report to their own schools at 8:30 am on Monday to begin their Intersession experience except for the PFFS-D segment of the ‘Pack to Pools’ Intersession group.  PFFS-D Pack2Pools participants will report to PFFS-University at 8:30 am (300 East University Blvd).

When we get back on March 28th from Spring Break (3/21-25), Intersession groups will be making presentations during Morning Meeting.  Below please find the schedule for Intersession presentations:

PFFS-Downtown Presentations (beginning at 8:30 am)

Monday (3/28) – Trek Through Film History

Tuesday (3/29) –  Kitchen Confidential

Wednesday (3/30) – In the Footsteps of Cochise

Thursday (3/31) – Youth on the Airwaves

Friday (4/1) –  ART Animalz

Monday (4/4) – Packs to Pools

PFFS-University Presentations (beginning at 8:30 am)

Monday (3/28) – The Discovery in the Basement

Tuesday (3/29) –  Everybody Dance NOW!

Wednesday (3/30) – Power Tools

Monday (4/4) – Packs to Pools

Tuesday (4/5) – Wheel of Fire: Pottery 101

Thursday (4/7) – Intersectionality of Art and Emotion

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