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PFFS ‘Graduation by Exhibition’ May 4th

The School LogoEighth graders at both PFFS-Downtown and PFFS-University will be making their graduation Portfolio Exhibition next week on Wednesday, May 4.  This is the capstone experience for every PFFS student during which they present and defend what they have learned at Paulo Freire.  There are different stages within the portfolio creation process: collecting pieces of work, writing reflections on their strengths and stretches using these pieces of work as evidence, working on their service project & writing their philosophy of environmental sustainability & social justice, and creating a powerful digital portfolio that will ‘house’ all of this and that they will use to make their portfolio presentation (see Downtown Process or University Process).  Here are the digital portfolio templates most of these students are using to contain their individual portfolios: PFFS-U Portfolio Template and PFFS-D Portfolio Template.

We wish everyone of our 8th graders success in this powerful demonstration of learning.

You are almost there – Good Luck!

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