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PFFS 8th Grade Graduation

240_F_78370209_NCZOdYgE1ufbAx4PuNEFyvuAfmJFC2pQCongratulations to our 8th graders at both PFFS-Downtown and PFFS-University who presented this week (on 5/4) their Graduation Portfolios.   A few of them have some revisions and service hours to accomplish but it looks like everyone is on track to complete successfully this demonstration of their learning at Paulo Freire.  It is truly a big accomplishment for them – so when we say, “Congratulations!” we really mean it.

And successful completion of this ‘graduation by exhibition’ (as well as, proficiency or higher in their academic courses) means that they and their families will also be participating in the formal graduation ceremony and post-graduation party in the last week of school.

The two schools’ graduation ceremonies will take place on different evenings however.   The PFFS-University, 8th grade Graduation will take place on May 24th and the PFFS-Downtown, 8th grade Graduation will take place on May 25th.

PFFS-University Graduation: May 24th6:00pm, ZUZI! Theater, 738 North 5th Ave, Tucson.  Eighth grade parents received a letter on April 12th explaining when to drop off students and what to bring for the post-graduation potluck.  We have always had in the past a 7th Graduation Committee of students who decorate, set-up, and help out at the graduation itself and the party, and who clean-up after.  This year we would like to ask parents of 7th graders to volunteer to help with the clean-up when they come to pick up their young people.  We see it as a new tradition and way of ‘paying forward’ for their own child’s graduation next year.  If you would like to volunteer, call Britta at 624-7552, to get details.

PFFS-Downtown Graduation: May 25th, 6:00pm at 127 South 4th Avenue (8th graders should arrive at 5:15).  We are looking for PFFS-D parents who are willing to volunteer a few hours cleaning the Graduation venue on the weekend before graduation (May 21-22).  The use of a super cool downtown warehouse has been donated and we have a parent committee already busy working on the decorations, but we could use some help doing good old fashion cleaning before we work on transforming the space.  If you are interested, email JoAnn ( and she will send out a Doodle to find out what times work best for everyone.  We also will need volunteers to help clean up after the event (May 25th at around 9:30pm).

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