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Back to School in the Desert — You’ll Need a Water Bottle!

The teachers and staff at Paulo Freire are all very excited to be back at school, and it is a great pleasure to have smart, joyful, passionate students filling the classrooms and hallways with their wit and curiosity.

The only drawback to going back to a desert school at the beginning of August is the heat.  With so many of our students commuting by foot, bicycle, or skateboard, and with our many P.E. classes, active lunches, expeditions, and place-based learning activities taking place outside, the heat can be an obstacle.  

In order for students to stay hydrated and cool throughout the day, we ask that each student has a sealable, reusable, clean water bottle with them every day.  We ask that you label the bottle with your student’s name. We have delicious cold, filtered water available, but because of our environmental sustainability focus, we do not provide the students with access to disposable cups.  

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