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Upcoming Events

Both Paulo Freire Freedom Schools will be hosting a Back to School Night for families next week.   This event provides family members a chance to meet all of the teachers; visit the classrooms; learn more about the content, policies, and procedures of each class; and get a peek into exciting upcoming events.

PFFS-Downtown’s ‘Back to School Night’ is on Tuesday, Aug. 30th from 5-7 pm.

PFFS-University’s ‘Back to School Night’ is on Thursday, Sept. 1st from 5-7 pm.

Students from both Paulo Freire schools are invited to participate in the annual 3-Day Novel Contest sponsored by City H.S.  over the Labor Day weekend.  Flyers with more details will be distributed to interested students.  It’s a great opportunity for young authors to binge write over a weekend with their peers!

Finally, on Wednesday, September 14, both schools will be in a Makerspace Intensive Day.  On this day teachers from the two campuses will be paired and will work with a small cohort of students to discover the use of different technologies/tools (3D printers, hand tools, shop tools, robotics etc.)  We hope this is the first of several Intensives this year!

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