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Maker Day Wednesday

This Wednesday, 9/14/16,  is our first ever Maker Day.  We are all very excited to explore a wide-range of equipment and tools ranging from a 3-D printer to a lathe. Students will be in teams with other students from both schools. Some of the groups will work at the University campus, some at the Downtown campus, and some at the Valdez library.  Students will be dismissed at the usual 1:45 time and there will be no AfterSchool program that day, as usual.

Students should wear close-toed shoes and comfortable, maneuverable clothing.  Downtown students who usually get the school lunch will have access to a prepared sack lunch.  All other students should bring a packed lunch that does not require the use of a microwave.

If you are interested in sharing your time or expertise to assist the staff on this exciting day, please email Chad or JoAnn.

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