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Math & Robotics Clubs

We are very pleased to announce the start of a robotics and math club for all PFFS students at the PFFS downtown campus. Both clubs are afterschool from 4:00-5:00.
Math Club will meet on Mondays after school for at least an hour. We will do math related games, problems, challenges, and activities above and beyond the classroom curriculum based on the Math Counts and YouCubed programs. MathClub is open to any interested students but will be geared towards students that are willing to go beyond their grade level in math. It could be “drop-in” but I would prefer to have students who are interested in attending on a regular basis. Maybe once a month there could be a “drop-in” day of activities. Also, would like students to stay for the whole hour to complete activities. We may also look for opportunities to enter math competitions if students are interested. Contact Kathy Moore for more info:
Robotics meets on Thursdays from 3:45-4:45.  All are welcome. Using EV3 Legos kits, students work to have fun and learn engineering, programming, and teamwork.  Last year, our first yeroboticsar, our team met and surpassed its goal of working together to participate successfully at our regional tournamen.  We are hoping to be competitive for one of the top awards in this year’s “Animal Allies” event. Throughout the year we will be raising money to help pay for the costs of the club.  Next week we will be having a lemonade sale so if you have a lemon tree with lemons to spare, donations are welcome!Contact Joe Boehm for more info:


Please let us know if your student is interested in either of these opportunities!
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