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6th & 7th Grade Demonstrations of Learning at Both PFFS Campuses

Sixth and seventh graders at both Paulo Freire middle schools presented powerful end-of-quarter demonstrations of learning on Tuesday (9/27/16).

img_1282At PFFS-Downtown, 6th/7th graders have been learning about the big historical changes that occurred as a result of scientific revolutions, the role of Galileo, and how a changing world both helped and hindered him in his work.  The students made a collection of scale models of our solar system and invited their parents to come explore these models for themselves at the Space & Scale exhibition and be guided through the experience by knowledgeable young learners!  Everyone was blown away by the sheer ‘scale’ of it all!

img_1281 img_1286

At PFFS-University, it was the Hohokam Living Museum.  The event was open-house style and 6th/7th graders presented their learning about Hohokam shelters, storytelling, art, and relationship with the environment. Within these interdisciplinary presentations students shared what they had learned about Hohokam engineering, structures, farming practices, art, myths and interactions with the natural environment.

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Also, read about the PFFS-University 8th Grade symposium on Prison Reform and Mass Incarceration that took place this week on Monday, (9/26).


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