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PFFS-U 8th Graders’ Symposium on Prison Reform & Mass Incarceration


Photo from Arizona Daily Star

Yoohyun Jung reported in the Arizona Daily Star on Monday night’s symposium on prison reform and mass incarceration at Paulo Freire Freedom School – University:

“Mass incarceration. Racial hierarchy. Jim Crow. The war on drugs and mandatory-minimum sentencing.

Those were some of the topics tackled by eighth graders at the Paulo Freire Freedom School, a charter middle school that is part of the City Center for Collaborative Learning, which also runs City High School downtown.

The 27 students were part of a symposium Monday evening at the school’s university-area campus on prison reform and mass incarceration. Groups of eighth graders presented what they learned and their proposals on reforming the criminal justice system.”

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Great job PFFS-U 8th graders!  And great job Humanities teachers, Mallory Reed Hansen and Gabriella Gutierrez!

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