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Intersession Presentations!

Upon returning rested from Fall Break, our Intersession groups will be presenting about their experiences during Morning Meeting.  Here is the schedule for both schools:


  • Monday – Leaf Art (Seth)
  • Tuesday – Tall Buildings (Patrick) & Rocky Point (Joe)
  • Wednesday – Death (Stephanie)
  • Thursday – Backpacking (Marcus) & Forensics (Debbie)
  • Friday – Maker (Kathy)


  • Monday – Bikes and Grit (Steve)
  • Tuesday – Choc Cof Tea (Ariane)
  • Wednesday – Costumes (Carman)
  • Thursday – Ghosts (Mariah) &Writers Welcome (Gaby)
  • Friday – Journey to Japan (Mallory)

Parents and family members are encouraged to join us!

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