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Beginning early morning on MONDAY, OCTOBER 24TH, and continuing through the evening on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26TH, Pennington Street will be closed to vehicle traffic between Scott Avenue and Stone Avenue. This is because of the inaugural TENWEST Street Festival that will bring together culture-makers, technologists, professionals, and community builders for a working celebration of what inspires Tucson.

This means families will not be able to drop off and pick up students in front of school on those three days. We suggest one of two options:

  • Arrange to pick up your child in the Pennington Street garage. The entrance is on Scott Avenue just south of Pennington and you can park free for less than an hour. Upon entrance, you will get a ticket that you will need to validate in one of the kiosks before returning to your car to exit the garage.
  • Arrange to drop off and pick up your students from in front of the downtown public library. There is a loading zone on Stone Ave. just south of Alameda.

Thanks for your understanding.

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